Colección Lecturas con fondo - laude

The Boy Who Wanted to Be a Fish

El niño que quería ser pez

Álvaro Fraile

Un libro para soñar en grande, donde los pequeños piensan qué quieren ser

The boy who wanted to be a fish was absolutely certain: the thing he most wanted was to be a fish. Well … maybe he wasn’t so certain. After all, we can be what we want to be, right?

A book only suitable for those girls and boys, big and not so big, who dream of being many things.


Commitment • Hope • Love•  Determination • Overcoming adversity • Self-actualization

Colección Lecturas con fondo - laude
genre: Picture books
Text: Álvaro Fraile
Illustrator: Álvaro Fraile
220mm x 230mm
Pages: 48
Illustration: Colour
ISBN/EAN: 9788414033944
Code: 179889

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