Colección Buenos de cuento

Eloise, the Lazy Princess

Eloísa, la princesa perezosa

Lola Núñez

Claudia Ranucci

Siempre tarde

This collection of entertaining short stories, the companion to The Bad Guys , features characters traditionally thought of as "good". They are depicted with small weaknesses not usually associated with them, but which need to be corrected: a dishonest wise man, a lazy princess, a messy fairy, a frightened prince, an impulsive sprite and a grumpy mermaid.

Each title includes a set of six cards that can be used to play Happy Families.


Pictograms • Princesses • Laziness • Opposites • Habits • Order • Controlling emotions

Colección Buenos de cuento
genre: Fiction
theme: Emotions, Feelings
Text: Lola Núñez, Rocío Antón
Illustrator: Claudia Ranucci
Traductor: Rocío Antón
215mm x 215mm
Pages: 32
Illustration: Colour
ISBN/EAN: 9788426359353
Code: 070622

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