Colección Malos de cuento

A Family of Ogres

Una familia de ogros

Lola Núñez

Claudia Ranucci

Unos malos muy especiales

A collection of short stories featuring characters that are traditionally considered the "bad guys" (witches, vampires, ogres, ghosts, mummies and pirates). But in the end, they play different roles.

The use of pictograms makes these stories very accessible to kids. Along with the handwritten letters and sweet, colourful, meticulous illustrations, they enhance the texts and guide the child to a detailed reading of the image.

Each title includes a set of six cards that can be used to play Happy Families.


Pictograms • Social marginalization • Family • Intolerance • Rural life • Writing • Ogres • Competitions

Colección Malos de cuento
genre: Fiction
theme: Emotions, Feelings
Text: Lola Núñez, Rocío Antón
Illustrator: Claudia Ranucci
215mm x 215mm
Pages: 32
Illustration: Colour
ISBN/EAN: 9788426349163
Code: 070639

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