Colección Avante School of Detectives

The Strange Case of the Billinghurst Castle

The Strange Case of Billinghurst Castle

David Fernández Sifres


Audio CD and activity workbook included

For the first time ever, the seven most valuable precious stones in the world are on show at Billinghurst Castle. One by one they are mysteriously disappearing.

The kids from Avante begin their detective work surrounded by ornithopters and automatons, but the case gets complicated when the head of security prohibits them from entering the castle. Will they discover the robber before the last stone disappears?

Zinca, Axel, Oto, Helena and Ciro want to be the best detectives in the world. They are studying in the first year at the famous Avante school, where they can demonstrate their skills as investigators. Together they make up Nautilus, a group with a shared passion: solving mysteries.


Friendship • Detectives• Investigation • Groups of friends • Steampunk • Inventions

Colección Avante School of Detectives
Género: Fiction
Temática: Intrigue, Mystery
Texto: David Fernández Sifres
Ilustración: Albertoyos
148mm x 205mm
páginas: 160
Ilustracion: Black and White
ISBN/EAN: 9788414020562
Código de artículo: 164106

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