Colección Lecturas con fondo - laude

Message in a Bottle

Mensaje en la botella

Muxote Potolo Bat

Cuídate, sueña, viaja...

Each day I offer you what I am and what I feel. I am the one who falls, who makes mistakes, cries and grows tired at times. And also the one who trembles. The one who dances and sings to life. The one who drinks coffee, loaaaads of coffee. The one who believes that any excuse is a good one when it comes to spending time with those we love without an eye on the clock. Without haste, enjoying, letting ourselves go. The one who speaks positively and also claims the right to sadness and grey days (without having to give any explanation). The one who wants to show myself just as I am (and not so much and not all the time). The one who ‘plants’ a hug on you before you know what’s happening and before you have time to react. That’s me!

This message is for you. Because you are someone very special and we want to care for you and for you to care for yourself. You are a unique person, incomparable. And this is why these messages will open up new paths to self-realization, to dream, to travel, to open you up to everything around you.

Colección Lecturas con fondo - laude
genre: Religion
Text: Muxote Potolo Bat
215mm x 215mm
Pages: 96
Illustration: Colour
ISBN/EAN: 9788414031797
Code: 176705

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